Over 30 years of memories & thrills – a few of the gang comment on the BPT experience.

  • BPT has provided over 2,000 baseball fans from 11 states the opportunity to watch baseball as it was meant to be played
  • We’ve been on the road for over 200 days & seen over 225 ballgames
  • Only 1 ‘real’ rainout in 25 years – we don’t count the night in Kenosha with the hurricane gusts.
  • “Just the right amount of structure and lunacy.” – Reverend Tom Smith, St. Paul
  • Nearly 10,000 tickets bought costing over $200,000gang-109
  • Treks produced 4 marriages among folks who met on trips
  • No accounting for number of divorces
  • FAREWELL TRIPS: Comisky, Tiger, Municipal in Cleveland, Memorial in Baltimore & two to Milwaukee – remember the crane crash
  • 8 brewery tours & two beer sponsors
  • INSIDER BASEBALL – BALLPRK TOURS EDITION: Hrbek & Gaetti buses, Use Your Gun, Larry – Larry – Larry, Pacer, A Tight Time Schedule, Dave Moore & Action Jackson buses, A Tight Time Schedule, Front of the Bus Sucks, No Dumping & Hooplabpt_shea_sm
  • “Hey—these guys didn’t know how to save the old Met but they know how to put on a trip! Can’t remember how many I’ve been on.” – Marty Higgens, St. Louis Park
  • “It’s those yuks you get after a trip that you can’t explain to your co-workers that make the BPT tours memorable.” – Scott Boyd, Savage
  • “I didn’t know what to expect when I took my oldest son on the trip but we had a great time. I can’t wait to take my twins in a few years.” – Luanne Kuelbs, Lakeville MN
  • “I’ve bewash3en on a number of baseball junkets but you guys are the best!” – Joanne Dunkel, Maplewood MN
  • “Imagine consecutive days when your only responsibilities are: to prepare yourself to enjoy a ballgame, savor a different town or city, and make it to the bus on time! That’s life on a Ballpark Tour.– Mike Reiter, Minneapolis, MNwv-lomo2


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