This is our original logo, derived from the “Save The Met” days.


Our “Save The Met” Beginnings: We just wanted to watch baseball outdoors!!

Ballpark Tours is an outgrowth of the ‘Save The Met’ fan effort and ever since they tore down the ‘old Met’, we have been taking busloads of ball fans across the country on our merry jaunts. During the last three decades, our treks have included farewell tours to some great old ballparks – Tiger, Comiskey, Memorial, County, Yankee, Shea and Municipal to name a few.

And now, even though the Twins have returned to the outdoors, we are continuing our tradition of making the rounds of the great major and minor league ballparks around the country.

The Ballpark Tours gang has always held that if you are going to do it – do it right! That’s why our trips have included visits to dozens of minor league ballparks, Cooperstown, Bob Feller Museum, Field of Dreams, Negro League Hall of Fame, tailgate parties and a specially designed commemorative tour shirt..

Our trips give you the best of baseball, ballparks, city and small town experiences with just the “just the right amount of structure & lunacy.”