BallParkTours.netRamblingsCalvin: Baseball’s Last Dinosaur – A Review

Check out Baseball Roundtable’s review of the newly revised book “Calvin: Baseball’s Last Dinosaur.”

Calvin – Baseball’s Last Dinosaur is ostensibly about Calvin Griffith and his 30-year tenure at the helm of the Washington Senators/Minnesota Twins. But it really is about much more. It is about the Griffith family’s passion for the national pastime; it is about family loyalties and family turmoil; it’s a true rags-to-riches story; and it is a tale about the changes wrought by the ending of the reserve clause, free agency, expansion and arbitration.

 Calvin: Baseball’s Last Dinosaur was originally published in 1990.  This second, revised edition was released April 10, 2016 – reflecting its “legacy” value; particularly as it relates to the history of (and major changes in) the national pastime.

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