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Cooperstown or Bust – July 2011

Trek in words & phrases – you decipher !!!coop_bert8921

Tight time schedule – Larry arrival – Pacer left on bus – Fire Alarm wakeup call – Awards challenge ‘will tortoise catch hare’ – Wrigley & Cubs – half-full, Phillies land & “sun has always been there” – Brillo & Phyllis arrival, full roster – Lunch Master returns & brings ‘old Met’ – tailgating (salt potatoes) – keg roll ‘grab those buds’ – electric chair – Harriet Tubman – vodka tasting – rolling hills – Harmon’s Seat – Ommegang Brewery – HOF Parade – National Anthems rate a larry – Bud shots – Alomar nerds – a bridge too low – Monks & mussels – steal of home off Lee – breakfast pretzels/Italian bagels – DC = debt Ceiling – No DH’s – did we mention hot a lot – 3 depart roster – ‘your toast’ – Appalachian Roller Derby Girls – Zombie punk band – elevator holds Terry hostage – Detroit always a hotel adventure – late night chili dogs – fireworks – Chicago hotel room delays because of towel origami – Cellular Field should be a dropped call – fireworks – cabby stories from various towns – Miller Park – not cozy & too hot – only Bud would love – Karp Qwiz rookie winner – wifi on bus (good or bad) – Twins make no moves – 3553 miles – squeaky cooler lid – lots of walking – friends & family!!!!



2011 Ballpark Tours Trek Awards

Rookie of Year

The ‘college of cardinals’ which includes Orioles & Blue Jays determined that all new travelers would be awarded rookie stars in light of length of trip, special travel arrangements many made to join trip, we had a lot of stars & this is our last trip: Kyle & Greg Smith – Cliff Odegaard – Bob Wilkie – Phyllis Kahn

Larry Award

Cliff Odegaard went out strong early & never relinquished the lead

Nominees – Hall of Fame AnthemsTerry Oelkers (lost tix & stuck in elevator) – Phyllis Kahn (beer cooler ipad move)

Bud Selig (because he’s Bud)

Pacer Award

Paul Vagel with a little help from his buddy named ‘mike’ was almost left on bus on the first night while in the ‘head’ another no-no.

Nominees – Deb (sangria & martini’s) – John Reay (confession) – Julian (flight of tequila)

Comeback Player of Year

Tom ‘The Rev’ Smith – The lunch master returns in prime shape, brings the Met back to life, creates a board game & rolls a keg.

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