Julian Loscalzo Post-Cuba Media

Cuba trip recap on the radio! Julian speaks on MPR On Monday, December 21, MPR spoke to Julian about  the Cuba trip. You’ll really want to hear this (link to Minnesota Public Radio website). Ever since he lost the fight to keep the Minnesota Twins from moving indoors over 30 years ago, Julian Loscalzo has been organizing tours to places where baseball is played outside. They have mostly gone to major and minor league ballparks in the Midwest, but earlier this … Continue reading →

Reusse on “Save The Met” 09/05/15

Patrick Reusse in the Star Tribune on September 6, 2015:

Julian Loscalzo and his gallant band of outdoor baseball guerrillas had tossed one more roadblock into the campaign for a new sports stadium in downtown Minneapolis. They had won a vote on the floor of the Legislature that would have to be overturned before the power structure could get approval for what would become the Metrodome.

“We knew that when Mike Lynn and the lobbyists went to work the next morning we would get stomped on,’’ Loscalzo said. “They already had cleared the land for the Metrodome, so we always were gnats on the windshield.’’

Feisty gnats, though … hard to kill.

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