Cuba – The Diamonds To Our South II 2017


In 2015, Ballpark Tours had the opportunity to witness, and partici­pate in, the passion and joy that the Cuban people bring to their food and festivals, their music and libations, and especially, their base­ball. We quickly discovered that a ball, a bat, and a smile were part of a universal language shared by baseball fans of all cultures.

Our Cuban adventure was a unique once-in-a-lifetime experience. Or so we thought. The fact is, the trip was just too good to be a one-time event. So, we’re going back this November. The window for travel to Cuba is open (for the time being) and Ballpark Tours is again offering you the opportunity to enjoy Cuba—it’s sights, sounds, tastes and culture—all based on a shared love of baseball.

Our trip will include plenty of on-field action and a variety of activities promoting interaction with the Cuban people. As with our first trip to the “Diamonds to our South,” we will be creating lifelong memories Ballpark Tours-style. Unete a nuestra aventura Cubana de beisbol!

Join us for an adventure of a lifetime.


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The Latest…

Diamonds To Our South II

Ballpark Tours is in negotiations for a return trip to Cuba this November. More news coming soon, but feel free to contact us to get the details as soon as they are available.

Ballpark Tours XXXV Gear

Coming soon, some great new Ballpark Tours XXXV Anniversary gear. We’ll have new shirts and jackets featuring the new 35th Anniversary logos.


2017 Ballpark Tours 35th Anniversary Trip


It was 35 years ago, a band of ‘sports guerrillas’ took off on a bus to watch baseball as ‘God meant it to be played – outdoors!’  

The bus is full, check back for photos and updates from the trip.

Bleacher Bums XXXV       August 3-6

Beloit – Chicago (2) – Appleton
Kicks off with stop at Leinenkugel Brewery – 3 nights Chicago Hotel Indigo
2 Cubs/Nationals games @ World Champions prices
Peoria Chiefs/Beloit Snappers – Cedar Rapids Kernels/Wisconsin Timber Rattlers


Bleacher Bums XXXIV 2016 Recap

Bleacher Bums XXXIV has wrapped. Below is the “Official” recap of the trip.

You can also see David Karpinski’s daily diary from Baseball Roundtable here.

Tennessee Three Step August 12–21, 2016

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!!!!

10 DAYS • 7 CITIES • 2,516 miles • 9 Games • 82 innings

Peoria • Memphis • Nashville • Chattanooga • Marion • Kansas City • Des Moines

5 Leagues—American • Midwest • Southern • Pacific Coast • Frontier

7 Rivers—Mississippi • Illinois • Cumberland • Tennessee • Missouri • Ohio • Racoon

2nd Rainout* in BPT history – 2 rain delays – 2 lights out delays – 2 fireworks washouts

Hitting the streets—Beale St. – 18th & Vine – Printers Alley – Honkytonk Highway

Blues – Brews – Barbeque – Breakfast Buffets – BASEBALL

Music – Museums – Music – STEPS – Music

Monsoons – Moon Pies – Maid Rites

On-board Bloody Mary & Mimosa stations — A little Tequila not before 11

Da Rev’s Blessing & Sacrament of the Smelly Fish – Phil DeBowle – Book Swap – K-Kwiz

Cup Game – 1991 World Series –Some old-time ‘rassling’

An All Veteran Crew seeming to appear and disappear along the way

3 musical chairs/exercise ball on field events – Pat Cunningham ‘took the box’

Hamburger Races – Fighting Eyeballs – Elvis Impersonators – Marion $1 Beers
Johnny Cash vs George Jones vs Reba McEntire Race – Bob’s souvenir stash grows

KC Disco Hat – Memphis Free Hat(s) – Julian’s Panama Hat

Return of Larry-Award-winning bartender – 5 games 8-4 – Who’s got the runs?

Artist on board creates 1st “BPT-branded” greeting card



Bleacher Bums XXXIV 2016


Tennessee Three Step
Bleacher Bums XXXIV   Aug 12 – 21

10 days – 7 cities – 10 games – 2 nights in Memphis, Nashville, & KC!!!!
Peoria – Memphis– Nashville – Chattanooga – Marion – Kansas City – Des Moines
American – Midwest – Southern – Pacific Coast – Frontier (Leagues)
Bandits/Chiefs – Raniers/Redbirds – Aces/Sounds – Biscuits/LookoutsGrizzles/Miners
Twins/Royals – Sounds/Cubs

Tennessee has long been on the Ballpark Tours ‘target list’ with 7 minor league teams & the great cities of Memphis & Nashville. The Tennessee Three Step is your chance to experience it with 2 night stays in Memphis & Nashville & a jaunt to see the Twins ‘future’ in Chattanooga. We wrap it up with two Twins/Royals late season tilts & 2 nights in KC.

For photos and updates from the trip check out Baseball Roundtable or our official Facebook page.

Photo gallery and trip recap coming soon!

Above photo: Iowa Cubs (Des Moines) Cubs AAA  from our 2014 trip.